Julkaistu 3.2 2012

The most popular of all the products in Susannan Työhuone are the Bamboo Dish Cloths. You can find them at the category “LEMPIRIEPU-bambutiskirätit”.

These gorgeous cleaning rags are extremely comfortable in use, since they won´t start to smell if handeled carefully.

Wipe anything with them! Besides in the kitchen, the dish cloths are very useful in many different ways. Being soft and absorbet they are fabulous for example in child care.

The dish cloths are hand printed and made in Finland. Prints and patterns are designed by Susanna Mattheiszen. Composition: 70% bamboo, 30% cotton. Rinse with cold water after use.
Machine wash at 40-90 degrees celsius. Do not use fabric softeners or bleaching washing agents.


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